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Conference Call Greeting
Moderators can record and enable a personalized greeting for conference calls. After dialing in to a call, the moderator enables feature by pressing *32 and follows the prompts to record a greeting (up to 20 seconds long) and to listen or delete. The conference greeting will then be enabled for this conference call and play on all future calls until it is either re-recorded or disabled by the moderator.
Conference Call Security Code
Highest level of security, available with any conference call. This is in addition to the regular passcodes. Moderator pre-determines a 4-16 digit PIN code and provides this to participants prior to the call. Upon dialing in to the conference call, the moderator enables this feature by pressing *31 and follows the prompt to add the PIN. All participants are placed on hold until the moderator enters the conference, at which time participants need to enter the same PIN as the moderator.

Once *31 has been activated, every time the moderator hosts a call, he/she will be prompted to enter a PIN. The moderator can override this feature by pressing *, electing not to enter a PIN for this particular conference; or disable the feature by pressing *31.
Dial-in Access
In the US and Canada, toll-free dial-in numbers are provided for conference calling participants. For other global participants, international toll dial-in numbers are provided.
Dial-out Access
Enables a moderator to add on one or more participants during a call. Can be used for security when you don’t want to provide a passcode or for convenience when additional participants may be needed ad hoc. Moderator enables feature by pressing *95 and follows the prompt to add additional participants.
Listen-only Passcode for Participants (optional feature for reserved conference calls)
Available for calls where background noise may become an issue or when participant callers do not need to interact, e.g., a one-way broadcast. Service can be scheduled when you reserve a conference call.
Lock/Unlock Conference Calls
Moderator can prevent additional callers from entering a conference call at any time using the * 94 touch-tone control.
On-hold Music Until the Moderator Joins
Available for increased security to ensure conference calls are not occurring without the presence of the moderator. The conference call is not open until the moderator joins. This feature automatically comes with your service. If you wish to disable this feature, please contact a Best Conferencing reservation agent.
Record and Playback
Records a conference call and provides playback either by dialing-in to listen or by purchasing a CD. One recording can be made per conference call. When used in conjunction with sub-conferencing, the record and playback feature only records audio from the main conference. Moderator is notified via e-mail when the playback becomes available, within 24 hours after the end of a call. Playback is active for up to 30 days, at which time it is deleted automatically.

How to record:

To enable the feature, moderator presses *22 and hears a prompt: "Conference recording has started…" Participants hear: "Just a reminder today’s conference is being recorded."
To pause or start a new recording, moderator presses *22 again and receives two options: Press 1 to pause the recording. Press 2 to erase and restart recording. Pressing 2 will automatically erase the previously recorded audio and start a new recording.
To un-pause or re-start recording use *22 again and moderator is given two options: Press 1 to append to the paused recording. Press 2 to erase and restart recording.
To end a conference and recording, all participants and the moderator must disconnect. *93 is recommended to disconnect all lines and ensure the end of the call.

How to playback:

Moderator receives the replay confirmation from Best Conferencing, with the replay dial-in numbers and replay passcode to access the replay.


Once the *22 feature has been activated, if the moderator hangs-up or is disconnected the recording will continue. If the moderator dials back in, it will not interrupt the recording.
Moderator may also order a CD recording of the conference by contacting a Best Conferencing reservation agent.
Security Features
Basic security features included for all conference calls:
Dedicated dial-in numbers and separate moderator and participant codes. (Moderator code should be kept private and secure, like credit card information, to avoid fraudulent use.)
On-hold music plays until the moderator dials in-to ensure calls are not occurring without the presence of the moderator.
Lock conference, enabled by moderator’s touch-tone controls,  prevents additional callers from entering.
Mute all participants, enabled by moderator’s touch-tone controls.
Disconnect all participant lines, enabled by moderator’s touch-tone controls.
Conference security code is the highest level of security, available with any conference call. Moderator pre-detemines a 4-16 digit code and provides this to participants prior to the call. Once enabled via the *31 touch-tone control, this feature asks the moderator to enter the PIN at the beginning of the call and then this PIN must be entered by all participants. Conference security code is not saved on the bridge and is erased at the end of each conference call.
The moderator can host up to 9 sub-conferences outside the main conference. Upon initiating a sub-conference, participants and the moderator may move from one conference to another. At the end, the moderator has the ability to pull everyone back to the main conference and terminate the sub-conference feature.
To activate, the moderator:
Enters the main conference call, as usual, with the dial-in number and moderator passcode
Presses *21 to activate sub-conferencing
Presses # and a sub-conference "room number" (1-9)
To enter a sub-conference "room", participants:
Enter the main conference call, as usual, with the dial-in number and participant passcode
Receive assigned "room number" (1-9) from moderator
Hear a prompt: "Sub-conference is now activated. Press pound sign (#) followed by a room number from 1 to 9, to enter your room. Press pound pound (# #) to rejoin the main conference.
To terminate sub-conferencing, the moderator:
Presses pound zero (#0)
Note that record and playback feature will only record the audio from the main conference call. This feature is free of additional charges.
Touch-tone Controls
The phone keypad provides shortcuts for all participants and meeting controls for the moderator—all designed to make teleconferencing efficient and easy.
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