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Best Audio Conferencing is designed with all the features you need to host a high-quality conference call ... at a low rate per minute per participant *.
•   Available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
no advance scheduling required for up to 125 participants.
•   Dedicated toll-free (and toll call) dial-in numbers, moderator and participant codes
•   Simple touch-tone meeting controls
for the moderator and touch-tone shortcuts for participants.
•   Dial-out access
to easily add additional participants ... without having to provide them a dial-in number or participant code.
•   Sub-conference ability
to brainstorm or discuss side issues in break-out groups ... anytime without interruption to the main
      conference call
•   Conference recording capability
without advance notice, reservations, or recording charge -- available for replay up to 30 days. The standard 
      per minute charge per participant applies when listening to your recorded call
•   Recorded personal greeting and introduction
before participants enter the conference call­ at no additional charge ... to customize your audioconferencing experience 
      as   desired
•   Security features
offer the flexibility to apply different levels of security to calls including voice on entry/exit, on-hold music, roll 
      call, validate moderator, lock/unlock from unwanted callers, mute all participant lines, disconnect all
      participant lines, plus security pin codes to safeguard the most sensitive conference calls
•   Reserved conferencing
capability for those times when you need a different dial-in number, moderator and participant code - an
      operator pre-schedules the call or series of calls
•   Real-time technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Plus, many more features to tailor your conference call to meet your individual needs.
We also offer our Best Audio Conferencing customers Optional Services to enhance and expand your conference calling experience. Learn more ...
* Toll free number provided for US and Canada. Participants outside the US and Canada can join in via international toll dial-in number provided with your service. There are toll-free dial-in umbers avalable as well in all major countries around the world.
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