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Before the conference call
Provide participants the toll free dial-in number, participant passcode, date, time and expected duration of the call. (Provide international participants the toll dial-in number)
Advise participants of the agenda and that the call will begin promptly.
Forward any written documents or presentation copies that participants may need ahead of time.
Position speakerphone (if used) near key participants. Use best speakerphone equipment available to maximize quality of the sound.
The moderator (either you or a designate), should dial-in 5 minutes prior to call as a courtesy—participants will hear music on hold until the moderator joins the call.
During the conference call
Hold a roll call to confirm attendance and inform all participants who is on the call.
Review the agenda and any meeting ground rules.
Advise participants to mute phones when not speaking and to avoid creating background noise such as rustling papers or side conversations. Cellular phones may be disruptive to other participants and it is especially important to mute these phones.
Ask participants to please

- Identify themselves when speaking
- Address people by name when asking questions
- Avoid placing phones on hold…any music on hold will disrupt the call
Divert side issues not on the main agenda to a sub-conference or schedule a follow-up call.
Request operator technical assistance by pressing *O on the phone, as needed.
Before closing the conference call, agree to date and time of next call.
For additional security, the moderator can end the conference call by disabling all participant lines using the *93 control on the phone.
After the conference call
For conference calls that have been recorded, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with a special dial-in number and passcode to use when playing back the recording.
Provide this information to anyone you want to hear the recording, available to replay for 30 days.
Order CD(s) of the recorded call, as needed, by calling reservations.
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