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Simple touch-tone meeting controls make conference calling efficient and effortless.
*1 Hear a help menu
*0 Reach an operator
*6 Mute or un-mute line
*4 Increase the conference volume
*7 Decrease the conference volume
*5 Increase your voice volume
*8 Decrease your voice volume

*91 Listen to participant count
Includes the number of speakers and active participants on the call
*92 Hear a roll call of participants
Available when names are captured upon entry into the conference
*93 Disconnect all participant lines
*94 Lock or unlock conference
*95 Dial-out to participants
*96 Mute all participant lines
*97 Un-mute all participant lines
*21 Activate sub-conferencing
*22 Initiate recording
*31 Turn conference security code on/off
*32 Enable the conference greeting feature
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